Positive Art Movement Opens to Positive ArtGivers

Flower composition abstract miniature art image with fluid brushstrokes, lines and round shapes on orange background in tones of orange, red, yellow, fuchsia, blue, purple, black and white colors.

If you believe in the potential of art to open hearts and dispel the darkness; in the positive connotation and role of the artist in society to bring light instead of darkness, and to impress with the beauty and the positivity of his artworks and of his actions, and not for the controversies and scandals associated with them; in the connecting role of the artist between the visible and invisible world in order to open the path to the truth for all; if it is your desire to do good and you do your best to succeed in this every day, then Positive Art Movement is the right place for you!

Today, September 8, 2021, Positive Art opens the possibility for artgivers to join the Positive Art Movement and to showcase their artworks on Positive Art

According to our Manifesto of Positive Art and knowing that the role of artists is to promote and encourage positive feelings, attitudes, thoughts, and behaviors, we carry out an action to promote for free all positive artgivers that join our movement in order to instill positive feelings, beauty, and joy through their art and to allow their visibility to a wide audience.

For this reason and in order to guarantee visibility only to positive artgivers, the membership in Positive Art Movement is not automatic, and all applications for membership will be carefully reviewed before their approval.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to Positive Art Movement!

Stop being an artist and start being an ArtGiver!

Barbara Stamegna and Bruno Paolo Benedetti, Co-founders

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