How to create your artistic profile on Positive Art Movement

savage flower meadow abstraction savage flower meadow abstraction,miniature tempera painting on cardboard by Barbara Stamegna

Welcome to Positive Art Movement!

In this tutorial I will give you the useful and simple basic directions necessary to edit your artistic profile page on Positive Art.

1. Add New Work

After logging into your account, on your Dashboard you will see the following page. Just click on the WORKS button and then on the ADD NEW button, as shown by the orange arrows below:

2. Add Title

On your screen you will now see the page below.  Just close the “Welcome to the block editor” by clicking on the Close Dialog button, where indicated by the red arrow in the following screenshot…

…type your name, last name and qualification in the ADD TITLE field as indicated by the yellow arrows in the following screenshots:

…and then click on the EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR button, where shown by the green arrow below:

3. Set Your Profile Page

On your screen you will now see the following page. In order to set your Profile Page, just click on the Folder Icon where indicated by the blue arrow:

…and then click on MY TEMPLATES (indicated by the red arrow) in order to see the following page:

Please click now on the INSERT button, as indicated by the orange arrow below, in order to insert the template you will use to edit your personal artistic profile…

…and import the document setting by clicking on the YES button in the page that will appear, as indicated in the following screenshot:

4. Edit Your Profile

You have now your profile page ready to be filled.  All you need to do is to complete the various sections with your info by clicking on the EDIT icon (that you will find in each section) indicated by the green arrow below…

…and by typing your info in the field indicated by the blue arrow below.  Don’t forget to update your profile by clicking on the UPDATE button (see the green arrow below) once in a while! If you wish you can also personalize your page by changing style, adding effects and more. In this case please click on the buttons indicated by the orange arrows in the following screenshot…

When you’re finished you can exit your profile page by clicking on the hamburger button and then on the EXIT TO DASHBOARD button, indicated by the yellow arrows in the screenshots below:

5. Upload your Artworks

At this point you can complete your artistic profile by adding your artworks. In order to upload your artworks just click on the SELECT/UPLOAD IMAGES AND VIDEOS button indicated by the red arrow below, and to set your featured image click in the SET FEATURED IMAGE field, where indicated by the green arrow down here:

Now you can upload your file by clicking on the Select Files button:

Once you’ve selected your file it’s very important to describe it by adding all the information in the ALT TEXT, TITLE, CAPTION and DESCRIPTION boxes indicated by the light-green arrows in the screenshot below, as this action will allow your artworks to be visible on the internet and to have a presence in Google Search.  In order to do this and to obtain the best visibility results please see this tutorial:

IMPORTANT:  in the CAPTION field write your name and last name at the beginning of it, so that your artwork will be immediately associated to you!  Please see the screenshot below:

After having completed your image description just click on the SET FEATURED IMAGE button (see red arrow below):

  At this point you can Save your Draft (see violet arrow below) and then go back to your dashboard by clicking where indicated by the green arrow in the following screenshot :

6. Select your Categories

In this last step I will show you how to quickly select the categories that concern you. Please don’t miss this easy and simple step as it is necessary in order to make your name and artistic profile searchable on the Positive Art website and on the internet searches!

First of all please enter your artistic profile with the CLASSIC EDITOR, by clicking where underlined in red in the following screenshot:

…and now please select the categories that concern you (where indicated by the green arrow below), SAVE your DRAFT (see red arrow below) and SUBMIT FOR REVIEW (see blue arrow)…

7. Wait for publication

Your artistic profile is now ready!  It will be reviewed and published as soon as possible.  Thank you for being a Positive ArtGiver!

All the best!

Barbara Stamegna

Co-founder of Positive Art and Positive ArtGiver

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