Giving weight and noticing the non-positive aspect of all things, event or person, and neglecting, belittling and not giving weight to all that is positive, is a rooted habit of our way of thinking. It is a habit rooted in us because of negative influences, of a lack of knowledge of the spiritual reality and because of a series of situations and external not-positive contexts maneuvered by negative energies, the objective of which is to make us live in negativity and a life without hope and joy, in order to keep us away from the truth, the joy and the love of God, both in our life and after it.


In our life on Earth we often see that getting noticed and grandstanding for negative behaviors and negative expressions and actions of any type, means being successful and even being emulated, and this is true also in the art world. Positive Art counteracts this reality rooted in man, so that man can awaken and return to live in the truth. Therefore Positive Art promotes artists that emphasize positive behaviors and messages through their art, so that people may benefit from them.


It is also a common belief that an artist, to be considered so, must “break the rules”, and in the wake of this many artists carry to the extremes not positive messages and lifestyles, with the result of adversely affecting people and society. Swimming against the tide means nowdays to swim against negativity, and it leads to a positive impact and beneficial effects. Therefore Positive Art wants to break the rules, but in a positive way, by spreading positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes, that may affect positively people and be a source of positive emulation.


Positive Art counteracts the connotation of the artist as a rebellious, negative, aggressive, addicted person, subdued by vice, devoted to physical excesses of any kind, in search of strong experiences that can harm himself, others, nature, animals; who is selfish, regardless and uncaring for all of creation; who conveys non-positive messages with his artworks and with his lifestyle, such as: violence, hate, discrimination of any type, degradation, pornography, defamation, cruelty, wickedness; who offends with his artworks


The objective of Positive Art Movement is to spread a new way of facing and living life, through positive messages conveyed by positive artworks and positive artists. The goal of Positive Art is that all human beings open their eyes and heart to the beauty of everything around us, that they see the small miracles that happen every day, and that they become aware of the spiritual reality, because all that’s positive is true and comes from the Truth, and what isn’t positive comes from negative energies and therefore has roots in lies and illusions.


Art is a powerful tool for communicating with a deeper and more intimate sphere of each individual, which can affect his vision of life and even more his spiritual destiny. We are the new artistic movement that expresses and emphasizes art contents that convey positive feelings and emotions. Through Art we spread positive messages such as: happiness, hope, affection, relief, love, laughter, joy, inspiration, peace, spirituality, serenity, elevation, altruism, amusement, surprise, confidence, optimism, motivation, mysticism, spiritual enlightment, friendship, etc.


ArtGiving is the act of creating, proposing and suggesting positive art, by positive artists and art creators who made the artworks. The act of artgiving is closely related to the positive emotions and messages that the artworks convey, and that the artists and art creators wish to share and donate to others. Positive artworks are vehicles for positive emotions and sensations. The aim of Positive Art pieces is to make such feelings rise.


ArtWatching is intended as the act of watching an inspiring piece of art, which encourages the identification of a person’s feelings with the positivity of the message it conveys. Artwatching becomes, this way, a source of well-being. The aim of positive artworks is that human beings may draw a spiritual and material benefit from them. Positive artworks are vehicles for positive emotions and sensations.


The Positive Artist is an artist who wishes to share with others the inspired positive feelings he/she guards within, so to induce inspiration for beauty, love, joy, and positivity in general. Positive Artists are ArtGivers, as they wish to donate to others some of their inner beauty through their art pieces. An ArtGiver shares positive feelings and contents, portrayed by the artworks that he/she made, with other people, for his/her own inner well-being and for that of others. ArtGivers create their artworks with the best intentions, and each artwork suggests and highlights encouraging and beneficial contents, intended to focus the watcher’s attention on the positive side present in each thing, person and life in general. Positive Artists also seek positivity with their lifestyle, striving everyday,


Positive Art movement creates and develops a positive gathering place for people, where artists and creative persons can develop and express the beauty, playfulness, joy and spiritual side they keep within and share it with others, and where all people may enjoy and benefit from positive artists artworks. Positive Art movement is a gathering place for artists that share the same objective to inspire others with their art, generating happiness and positivity for a spiritual growth. Positive Art movement works towards the spreading of the beneficial effect of positive art and positivity in general. Positive Art movement induces, supports and promotes social, human and spiritual positive behaviors, thoughts, tendencies, attitudes and habits through art.


Emulating negative behaviors, attitudes, actions and words is nowdays very popular. Positive Art, on the other hand, counteracts the tendency to the emulation of the non-positive, and encourages, supports and promotes the emulation of positive behaviors, attitudes, actions and words, for the development, growth and bloom of all that is true and positive, which is already present in us from birth and even before, so that it may spread for the benefit of every human being, of nature and of all creation. Positive Art Movement works so that the Truth and positivity can become a lifestyle, a way of life, as the truth lies in all that’s positive!

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