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Flower composition abstract miniature art image with fluid brushstrokes, lines and round shapes on orange background in tones of orange, red, yellow, fuchsia, blue, purple, black and white colors.

If you believe in the potential of art to open hearts and dispel the darkness; in the positive connotation and role of the artist in society to bring light instead…

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bright colors abstract image with dynamic pattern of geometric and round shapes and bent lines

Looking around we often wonder why so many bad things happen. In our lives our every action, behaviour, decision and stance, is the result of what we think, and our…

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rainbow colors abstract vortex in blue.red.white,light blue,yellow color with shades and dots

The truth lies in all that’s Positive! 1. Realize the Truth! Giving weight and noticing the non-positive aspect of all things, event or person, and neglecting, belittling and not giving…

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