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Looking around we often wonder why so many bad things happen. In our lives our every action, behaviour, decision and stance, is the result of what we think, and our every thought can be the result, in turn, of negative influences, of cultural heritage and social conditioning.  These, in turn are influenced by energies that we don’t see, that belong to the world of the invisible, or rather to the spiritual world. In the world of spirit it is a continuous struggle between positive energies and negative energies, and this is reflected, influences and is manifested in everything that happens on Earth.  Seeing the positive aspect in all things, in each person, in every event of life, however painful it may be, even if this may not be easy, helps us to remain always faithful to what we really are, that is creatures of God, with a soul, which is itself a part of God. Focusing on the positive side of everything helps us to remain in the truth, to purify ourselves, to grow spiritually and consequently to be less influenced by negative energies and able to follow what is our real and true path, which is the best one for us.

However, it is not easy to be positive when we live in contexts where we are bombarded everyday with news and information that emphasizes all negative things that happen on Earth, while omitting all good and positive things that equally happen. On the contrary, in our society, negative behaviors and attitudes are often rewarded and they are synonymous with success. Hence the importance of spreading positive feelings and truth, to combat the negative feelings and falsehoods rooted in us. And what better way to do this than through art? What better means than art to elevate the human spirit?

Hence, at the end of July 2021 Bruno Paolo Benedetti and I, in the wake of TraDigitalArt (the positive art gathering place for joyful people) decided to found Positive Art, an artistic movement that sees art as a means to spread positive contents and feelings that can bring benefit, and that affects not only art, but the way of thinking and seeing life, so to be of help for the spiritual growth of all who seek the truth and of all those who want to.

Barbara Stamegna, Co-Founder

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